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contains spoilers for legion s1 and really old x-men comics

The Shadow King was and is a powerful telepathic amalgamation of the dark side of all human consciousness. An Omega-level mutant entity and one of the few who could give Professor X a run for his mental money, once Xavier declined its invitation to its criminal empire, they duked it out psionic style on the astral plane. The King was defeated and this experience was what led Xavier to forming the X-Men, to protect the world, humanity and mutantkind alike, from malevolent mutant ambition.

The Shadow King would not challenge Xavier again. Instead, it waited for the birth of his son. Despite Xavier's hopes to hide David by giving him up for adoption, "Lenny," as it/she now prefers to be called, has been leeching from David Haller's psyche since the womb. Its manifestation as an attractive, wild young woman is David's coping mechanism. In its true form -- a rotund, grotesque, naked man with yellow eyes -- it causes violent, confusing episodes in David that can lead to expression of his own mutant abilities (including telepathy and telekinesis). It has existed alongside him in various forms throughout his maturity, first appearing as a dog named King. As the only one who can see or hear Lenny, he's lived most of his life believing he is affected with schizophrenia.

When glimpsed in its true form, The Shadow King immediately erases the traumatic memory from David's mind, leaving a gap or filling it in with a fabrication. It isn't until the events of Legion that he discovers that instead of being mentally ill, David is a powerful mutant with an evil, nightmarish parasite possessing his consciousness. Unfortunately, this also brings Lenny to realize the potential depth of his powers. If he, like his father, refuses to work with it, then it has no qualms overtaking his body and making use of his power for itself.

The Shadow King also delights in fucking up Storm's life in both Cairo and Kenya. In her youth, she worked as a pickpocket for TSK (then known as Amahl Farouk); stealing from Xavier is what led to their initial meeting. Decades down the line, TSK invades her godson, a Quicksilver-like mutant, to try and take over the world again by... running really fast. That one never made a lot of sense. It also possesses Storm to wreak havoc with her weather powers. The latter encounter is not incorporated in my playing of Lenny, but if a Storm player wants to bring that familiarity in, I'm happy-bordering-on-ecstatic to make an exception. Because Storm is The Best Around.

ABILITIES & TRANSLATION TO RP: To allow for some fun-having, assume that Lenny has overtaken David's body. While doing so, she's able to project her own likeness and can probably project that deep enough into another person's psyche to trick their sense of touch into believing it too. Beyond that, she has no sway over others' thoughts, but she's observant, cruel and manipulative regardless. David's powers become hers in this state as well, including but not limited to: Omega-level telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, object phasing, object disintegration. For RP purposes, she'll be a bit toned down/nerfed in some interactions, especially on the telepathy front.

The exception would be any David Hallers, to whom she will appear as her regular figmenty self, still with the bad touches. TSK is confined to David's consciousness and cannot "body-hop" unless facilitated by a Karma-like mutant (or possibly Syd) or requested OOCly.

She/her pronouns are what she uses, but "it" wouldn't be inaccurate, and she'd only kick up a fuss to be an asshole about it. The Shadow King existed before the concept of gender and plans to be around long after you silly little bitches are done with it.

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WARNINGS: Brass tacks: Lenny is a mind rapist. The metaphor is abundantly clear throughout the series: Along with violating and tormenting the thoughts of her host, she is sexually aggressive with David in her manifestations. Through a projection of David's sister (as a nurse), she also accosts his girlfriend with a sexualized pat-down which would distress anyone but is especially awful for Sydney, who feels pain and anxiety from physical contact. Her lewd comments are most often directed at the women David knows, and she has claimed not to "swing" David's way, but this may or may not have just been shooting the shit. No sexual intercourse involving Lenny takes place or is imitated, thus far, within the series.

Altogether, she is an invasive presence, so opt out of interacting with this character at any time. Tag-outs beyond other Legion characters will be minimal and mild to allow thread partners time to go thru the tl;dr and decide for themselves. No shipping or smut is being sought with this character.


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